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f you are thinking about hitting the theatre with your fiancee this weekend and you have no idea what movie to choose, then you will probably end up watching something which is not even remotely worth your money.
However, the Locomotiva Journal is always willing to come to its readers’ aid and that is why we have decided to review a movie which might really suit your taste.

The movie we are referring to is Logan, which is the latest script directed by James Mangold (who also directed the Wolverine saga prequel in 2013) and written by Scott Frank e Michael Green.
Logan, which is distributed by 20th Century Fox, was successfully released in theatres on 1st March 2017.

The plot takes place in the year 2029 and it portrays a historical moment where mutants are desperately facing extinction and no mutant kid has been given birth in years.

Meanwhile, Logan, better known as Wolverine, spends his time hiding out in an old shed located on the border between Texas and Mexico and makes a living picking up petty cash as a driver for hire.
He also shares the shed with the mutant Caliban and Professor X, who is now 90 years old and kept in segregation within a metal crypt in order to contain the degenerative brain disease he developed some years earlier and which made him highly dangerous.

Furthermore, Logan has aged rapidly and has become weak and sickly due to the high amount of Adamantium in his blood, which is causing his body slightly deteriorate.
His purpose in the movie is to deal with his own past and future as he meets an 11-year-old girl escaped from a genetics laboratory that runs experiments on mutant kids in Mexico City.


Even though the script might not sound like that much of an innovation for the action movie business at first hearing, it is nevertheless noticeable that the way the whole story is implemented is what makes this movie stand out in the first place.
In addition, it is easy to realize that this movie strongly differs from the other X-Men movies and the location in which the whole script takes place is definitely something we are not used to seeing in other Marvel stories.
In other words, the typical modern super-hero plot, which is always about cool super-human gods doing super-human things, is here put aside in favor of a more empathic and emotional portrayal of the characters.

The reason for this is mainly linked to the fact that this is going to be the last X-Men movie for both Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) and Patrick Stewart (Charles Xavier), whose characters have played a key role in the saga for almost 17 years.


In fact, it is also likely that Logan producers and screenwriters have decided to give a much more melancholic and emotional shade to the story in order to avoid a flat movie finale, which would have turned out to be nothing but a matter of disrespect towards two incredible actors who have been in the cast since 2000.
It also impossibile not to notice that the amount of violent scenes and f-words in the movie have been increased, and this is the reason why the film has been declared R-Rated in many countries around the world and considered to be something that mainly an adult audience can enjoy.
These two new features, though, successfully contribute to a significantly more negative and glummer depiction of the movie and its many characters, whom we are drawn to look at from a whole new perspective.

The purpose of this movie is to show a version of Wolverine we were not used to by unveiling his weaknesses and vulnerability in his everyday life, which is for him basically all about taking care of Professor X, who happens to suffer from a serious Dementia.
In addition, the presence of many desert sceneries and the protagonists being always on the run, definitely makes the whole thing look much more like a 60’s Western Film than a Superhero Movie.

This movie is based on strong emotions and human feelings, and those whom we were used to considering superheroes, here loose all their “superpowers” and the magnificence that has always characterized them and embrace much more rational and emotional behaviors. Furthermore, the many south-west desert landscapes and futuristic car chases easily recall George Miller’s Mad Max and the famous Sony videogame The Last of Us.

A strong feeling of anxiety and empathy towards the different characters is what the viewer experiences while watching this film, which is about accepting one’s own destiny and embracing the relentlessness of death and changes in one’s own life.
Logan is definitely a new type of movie and it represents, along with Deadpool, a turning point for the modern superhero films and an important divide between old school and new school Marvel movies, which are now clearly less politically correct but more interesting and engaging.
Therefore, we can define Logan as a superhero movie which is not a real superhero movie, because the spectator can see himself in the protagonist, who happens to be more human, as well as less super and more of a hero.

Lorenzo Dall'Osso

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